Tuesday, April 5, 2011

blog updates/let's trade!

I've spent 34958580 hours in the past two days (I know, the math on that is NOT CORRECT!) trying to make my blog look better, but I am not too bright with the blog templates/html code, etc. How do you think it looks? The reason I mention this is because I have figured out how to put little advertisements up, and I would like to do an advertisement trade with some other fashion blogs/shops. Want to trade? Send me a message at shopgrandmajune@gmail.com! Your jpeg must be 220 x 90.

In unrelated news, I had a blast at the Rise Vintage Love Sale, and I hope a lot of you got some vintage clothes from my free rack! Also, look for some new items on Etsy SOON! (I'm really excited about my current collection of goodies, and can't wait to share.)

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