Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Update

Things in New York are incredible! I've been here a month and I'm having the time of my life. I'm coming back to Maine at the beginning of September, and I should have my shop back up and running by the middle of the month, so keep an eye out for that! The beauty and excitement of this place astounds me, and the opportunities are endless. I've become familiar with the subway system, and the streets. It's a great feeling. I will miss this place, for sure. I plan on coming back to visit quite a lot! I am going to try to continue to get modeling gigs here, and I'll just fly or take the 6 hour bus ride down. (It's not so bad!)

I found my face on a bus stop, advertising Starbucks. It was a crazy feeling. I had a stranger take a few photos, and I took a short video. Check it out! (The ad is on 6th Ave, near Bryant Park!)

 As much as I love it here, I miss my home state, and being away from it has made me realize how much I love it. I've been telling people that Maine is my true love, my sweetheart. I'm excited for fall! And I'm excited to start selling vintage again! This vacation has done a great job of giving me a much needed break, and now the enthusiasm is back to get the ball rolling again! Expect lots of incredible new vintage by October!

Miss you all! xo! mandy