Wednesday, August 26, 2009

grandma june

also, while i was up at camp, i got some old pictures of grandma june. thought i'd share.

grandma with my mother's great dane, brandy. this must have been early '80's.

here's grandma with her dog, ellie-mae. early '80's.

this is how i remember grandma the most. this picture has to be late 90's.


man oh man

so i went up to camp this past weekend (waaaaay northern maine, on the border of canada), and spent some quality time with some family members i don't see often. my grandfather's house is an hour from our camp, and my mother and i took a ride over on saturday. after finding out my new shop is called "grandma june" in memory of my beloved grandmother, my grampa finally decided he was willing to let go of my grandmother's wardrobe. she's been dead for three years now, but anytime we tried to clear out some of her stuff, my grandfather always refused. finally the time has come, and grampa wanted me to take it all... so i did. packed the car to capacity. i am back home in south portland, and overwhelmed with my apartment. SO MANY CLOTHES! PURSES! SHOES! and her smell, it's everywhere. now comes the time where i go through everything, and make three piles. 1. stuff to keep for sentimental value/personal wardrobe. 2. stuff to sell. 3. stuff to donate to goodwill.

here's a sneak peek!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Grandma June has been approved for a table at PICNIC music & arts festival on September 12th, 2009 at Lincoln Park in Portland, Maine! HOORAY! We will be sharing a table with Art By Hartley, whose work you can find here!:

Learn more about PICNIC here!:

Vintage Sailor Dress

I love this dress. I've owned this dress for many years. It fits like a glove, and I feel like a princess in it. Not a snooty, bratty princess, but a beautiful, loved, fairy-tale princess. It was a hard decision for me to give this one up (ladies, why do we get so attached to our clothes?!), but I don't wear it often enough, and knew it deserved to get out of the closet more! I especially love the bow on this dress. DESIGNED SO WELL! Why can't I come up with ideas like these? (I'm working on it....)

UPDATE: This dress has sold, but I have many more vintage goodies (nautical, princess, and more!) at my ETSY STORE!

And here are some other sweet vintage sailor-inspired dresses that I love.

Holy cow!

I honestly had no idea how hard it was to start an online vintage clothing shop! I think I have a pretty good eye, so finding the vintage isn't the hard part for me- it's the modeling, picture-taking, measuring, editing, and posting on all social networking sites that's so hard! Hard, and TIME CONSUMING! In a matter of a week, I've started this, an etsy, a facebook fan page, a myspace, and a twitter account! And I can't keep track of them all! Please don't take these past sentences as complaining, because, in all actuality, I am the happiest I've ever been now that I have this new project - my baby - GRANDMA JUNE! Grandma June was, of course, my grandmother. I'm sure many other women can relate to me when I say that my grandmother was my idol... in so so so so so many ways. I honestly believe she completely shaped my fashion sense, and my attention to style. I've already contacted family members about getting some old photos of her to share (I have none because she HATED having her picture taken, especially later in life.), but please trust that I mean what I say when I say my grandmother was SMOKIN' HOT! So confident, so stylish- she was a hairdresser her whole life, and, luckily for me, a packrat! This means I have now inheirited almost her entire wardrobe from the 50's on. I haven't posted any ACTUAL Grandma June clothing on etsy yet (I'm still having sentimental problems with that), but I know it's something I need to get over because I just have too many clothes! And my momma (Grandma June's daughter) gives me the go ahead so it's comin'... I'll make sure to post if an item is a Grandma June original.

But until then, check out some of the current items I have for sale on etsy!