Sunday, April 10, 2011

photos from the show!

I have so much work to get done today, and of course I'm procrastinating! The honest to god truth is that I have some AMAZING new vintage to photograph (including a ton of SHOES!) and I'd like to get started before I lose this nice light in my bedroom. I wanted to post a few photos from the STRFKR show, though... so here they are! 

This one is by David Zwickerhill, of course!

Photo by Amanda Pleau
By Amanda Pleau
Almost my entire outfit was thrifted!

Check out more photos, and a recap of the show over at one of my favorite local blogs, Hillytown.

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  1. you look adorable! love your outfit. and it's so cool you play bass! i'm the lead singer in a band down in providence. We're called Panther Moderns.

    we are total kindred spirits. rockstars with vintage etsy shops! hahah!

    glad i discovered your blog!