Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mad Men

Obviously I'm ridiculously obsessed with Mad Men. I'm sure you are, too. Have you made yourself a character yet? I just did for the first time, and it really brought a lot of joy to my morning.

Check it:

Here I am at the office. Don's all like, "What's up, Mandy!"

Here I am with the partners. Bert Cooper has to pee.

Here's me chillin' with Betty, talking girl talk, you know. NBD.

My bangin' outfit.

xo, mandy

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Year Ago Today

it was a year ago today that i flew back to maine from austin, texas where i participated in a photoshoot for a national summer ad campaign for starbucks. 
the 15th through the 19th of may 2011 will forever be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. 
thank you.

xo, mandy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Dear Friend Yumi

Last summer in New York City was a whirlwind of excitement, romance, and new experiences. I lived alone in a gorgeous apartment in the heart of Williamsburg, I wandered the streets of Manhattan all day, looking at buses and bus stops with my face on them, I met Stephen Malkmus, I ran the track in McCarren Park, I visited Ryan McGinley's office, I was an extra in a silly MTV show, and I got to shop at the Brooklyn Flea. I already know that that summer will be one of my most treasured memories in life, and I daydream daily about going back to the big apple. It has my heart.

One of the very best things that happened to me in the city, though, was meeting my dear fried Yumi. Yumi is a stunning, interesting, and artistic girl. She's a brilliant photographer, writer, artist, graphic designer, and jewelry maker! She just opened up an Etsy shop, and is selling the most elegant and modern handmade jewelry, as well as some of her gorgeous artwork. She has such an eye for beauty, it is no wonder her pieces are so great.

Check out some of my favorites!

All of the items are very reasonably priced, and if that wasn't enough, a portion of Yumi's sales goes to charities providing support for victims of sexual violence.

From Yumi's Etsy

"Our Lady of Spades features rosaries and necklaces to promote the education of sexual violence. Part of all proceeds are donated to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network to help provide support and information for victims, their families and friends."

So get over there and start shopping!

Yumi and I in McCarren Park last summer. ♡ ♡ ♡


Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer Daydreamin'

summer daydreamin'

Here I am being super unproductive on instead of measuring some new items for the shop. Big surprise! Anyway, here are some styles I've been daydreaming about lately. I can't wait for summer!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Love For Mondo

So I'm really not much of a "reality tv" person. I don't say that in a judgmental way at all (I don't care what you wanna watch on television!), but it's just not my deal. HOWEVER, I am a crazy huge fan of Project Runway, and my all-time favorite designer from the show is a very talented man hailing from Denver, Colorado named MONDO! Mondo Guerra was runner up on season 8, and when he lost to an uninspiring "boho chic" designer named Gretchen, there was a crazy uproar on the internet. It was amazing. He's easy to love, and his designs excite me to no end. He is the master of mixing prints and colors, and I haven't been so inspired by a designer since Alexander McQueen.

Just look for yourself:

Mondo is currently competing in the new Project Runway show, Project Runway Allstars. Tonight is part one (of two) of the finale, and he's up against two other very talented designers. Here's hoping he wins!


Here's a tote bag Mondo designed that I bought from his website. I carry my laptop in it, and it's perfect.

Me and my I ♡ MONDO button!

Just look at how awesome he is! 

I wish you all the success, Mondo!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My First Sewing Project

If you remember this post, I took a few sewing lessons from my neighbor Molly about a year ago (and learned the very basics), but I really haven't touched my sewing machine since then. This morning, my friend Allyssa and I sat down on either side of my kitchen table with our sewing machines, and went at it. She re-taught me some things I had forgotten, and I successfully completed my first alteration! I took a baggy v neck t-shirt I had (that I really only ever wore when working out), and took in the sides, shortened the sleeves, and created a new shape for the bottom. The seams are a little messy, but I am so surprised and pleased at how well it came out, considering this is the first time I've ever REALLY sewed anything. 

Here's what the shirt looked like before:

And here's what I did to it:

It's sort of hard to tell, but it's cropped, and the back of the shirt is lower than the front (sort of a mini fishtail look). I don't actually plan to wear the shirt with leggings like those, but that's just what I happened to be wearing when I had the photos taken. I think this top would look best over a tight floral bodycon dress, like this one:

I'm pretty excited about doing more alterations, and eventually making my own garments from scratch. My goal is to work on a project three times a week - I want to get better and better as fast as I can!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Walk, 2012.

This is the mildest winter that I can remember. I mean, for example, it was 45 degrees yesterday. February 10th! In Maine! It was lightly snowing this morning, and it reminded me of the winter walk I went on back in January, the morning after our biggest snowstorm of the season. What's the weather like in your area? I feel like the general consensus is "It's really freaky, but I can't complain." I've been saying that, too, but I feel like a dumb American, just soaking up the unnatural warmth when in the back of my head, I know there's some scary shit about all of this. Still, the warm weather has been nice. I've been running a lot, and I've felt much less depressed than in past winters. Also, it's starting to stay lighter longer! Hot damn!

So here are some pretty winter photos I took (before it gets too warm out that it would feel weird to post them). Maine is really the most beautiful state. Sorry guys, but we win.

xo! mandy

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The New York Times

Sooooo.... THIS happened today.

I was in the fashion and style section of the New York Times. Feels crazy to even write that! Wow.

I am living my dream. I feel so lucky and blessed. Thanks for all the support, friends.


PS- The dress I'm wearing WAS for sale in my shop (the photo is from a Grandma June photoshoot!), but I just took the listing down today. I think I should hang on to it a little longer... after all, it fits me perfectly and it'll be a nice souvenir. ♥ 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Family Resemblance

When visiting my father the other day, we started reminiscing about the past, and dad pulled out an old photo album he had. I took some photos of the photos with my iphone, and I thought I'd share. A rare glimpse into my father's side of the family. 

This is my dad's mother (not Grandma June - that's my mom's side of the family).
She died when my dad was 10 years old. Do you think I look like her?
My father as a little boy.
My dad was a bit of a bad ass when he was a teenager.
My dad as a teenager, slyly giving the middle finger. When I was 13, he taught me how to play the guitar.
Here I am! Even then, I loved being the center of attention and having my picture taken.
Hamming it up!
I defined the phrase "daddy's little girl". 
There was a period of time in the 80s where my
dad had a reeeeeally crazy mustache.
Love this one!
My dad has had this picture of us in the heart frame for forever. We decided to recreate it - the 2012 version.


Do you think my father and I look alike?