Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneak Previews, 5/31/11.

Here's a sneak peek of some amazing vintage that will be for sale in my shop soon! Email me at shopgrandmajune@gmail.com to call dibs or ask questions! xo, mandy

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wuttup Friends!

INTERNET FRIENDS! I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been VERY busy doing this:

This TIGER DRESS from H&M that I bought years ago is still one of my favorites for summer.

and this:

My high-waisted bikini. This silhouette will always make you look like a bombshell pin-up star, ladies! My super push-up bra bikini top really helps, too.

Seriously though, I was gone all last week doing the most exciting thing of my life regarding fashion/advertising. I am not allowed to talk about it openly just yet, but I can tell you that I was flown down to Austin, Texas to model in a national advertising campaign for a VERY famous company. I'm not positive as to where the ads will be, but I believe you might be able to find them in the New York Times and People Magazine in the upcoming weeks. (More info as soon as I'm given the go-ahead to talk about it!)

Since I've been back home, I've pretty much worn some variation of the same outfit everyday. I am finding my SPRING STAPLES and COLORS. Right now it's pale pink, cream, and blue jeans as a color scheme, and I've been wearing the same shoes, scarf, jacket, and bag daily. Here's some photos from the last couple of days:

OVER-SIZED ROSE SCARF: Thrifted (vintage, 1970s)
STRIPED TOTE BAG: My grandmother's (vintage, 1960s)
BROWN LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS: Etienne Aigner (vintage, 1970s)
STRIPED BUTTON UP BLOUSE IN PHOTOS 1 & 2: My grandmother's (vintage 1970s)
CREAM SPRING JACKET IN PHOTO 3: My grandmother's (vintage, 1970s)
LIGHT BLUE/PINK SHIRT IN PHOTOS 4 & 5: Accidentally stolen from a friend (whoops, thanks!)
SLATE GRAY VEST IN PHOTOS 4 & 5: Thrifted (vintage, 1970s)


Finally, can I just recommend to everyone that works on the internet - you should do THIS:

This was my day. And I was productive. THE BEST!

Look for another blog post WICKED SOON of some shop previews - I have some really incredible stuff that I'm excited to list including a 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL t-shirt. (I mean, right???)
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My Summer Wardrobe Favorites 2011

I'm psyched for summer! Here are my favorite summer pieces from my personal wardrobe!
 (click on any of the images to make them larger!)


left to right:
vintage star-spotted bathing suit
my grandmother's vintage navy blue bathing suit
vintage navy blue and white leaf bathing suit
black high-waisted bikini from target


 left to right:
vintage sheer pale pink button up
vintage sheer pale beige blouse
vintage silk cropped tank top by avon
my grandmother's vintage picnic shirt

left to right:
vintage cropped blue and green floral shirt
vintage pink and beige button up shirt
vintage slate gray flowy cardigan
vintage long floral button up vest

left to right:
vintage l.l. bean striped top
forever 21 bird tank top
vintage flowy black tank top
vintage flowy army green tank top


left to right:
army green romper from forever 21
cut-out back blue and white striped romper from forever 21
navy blue slacks from forever 21
super high waisted jeans from forever 21


left to right:
high-waisted blue and white striped shorts from forever 21
high waisted gray shorts from forever 21
sailor short-shorts from forever 21
casual navy blue shorts from forever 21


 left to right:
sleeveless tiger dress from h&m
thrifted (but not vintage) sleeveless white dress
vintage kelly green summer dress
forever 21 yellow floral mini dress

 left to right:
vintage purple and gray knee length dress
vintage puffed sleeves blue and white dress
vintage green and yellow floral mini dress
vintage sheer pale pink dress

 left to right:
h&m sheer eggplant purple dress
forever 21 cobalt blue dress with pockets
thrifted (but not vintage) navy blue floral dress
h&m neon zebra striped dress


 left to right:
vintage tan and black straw hat
thrifted (but not vintage) black floppy hat
vintage straw fedora
thrifted (but not vintage) big brimmed straw garden hat


 forever 21 gray platform slingbacks
thrifted (but not vintage) tan studded mini heels
my grandmother's vintage wooden heels in white
my grandmother's vintage wooden heels in brown/tan

left to right:
brown leather platform heels by michael kors
vintage black floral suede cowboy boots
black and brown cut out wedges from forever 21
brown platform sandal wedges from forever 21

xo, mandy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Trip to Beans/A Daily Outfit

You've probably heard of L.L. Bean, it's a Maine staple. They sell clothes, hunting/fishing stuff and lots of other shit to people all over the world. And not only do they offer free shipping, but you can return anything (for any reason) for store credit, no matter what decade you bought it in - even if you don't have the receipt! It's wicked awesome, and I've always loved going to their main store located in Freeport, Maine. (It's open 24 hours which is ESPECIALLY awesome if you're an under-aged Mainer looking for something to do late at night!)

The zipper broke on my boyfriend's official L.L. Bean backpack, so we took a little roadtrip up theyah (yes-huh, bub!) to exchange it for a new one. 

Since they're famous for their boots, they decided to build a HUGE one right outside their main entrance.

The shiny, boring section - they do have some cute clothes, just not in this section.

Rushing over to the ridiculous huge aquarium - the fish are AWESOME!

They have this little bubble you can sit in, and it feels like you're in the aquarium with the fish!

It looks funny from the outside of the aquarium!


This is what it looks like from inside the bubble, no kidding!

Over in the camping section, I fell in love with this oversized tent. Camping, luxury style.

In the women's clothing section, I found the perfect floppy summer hat, but I had a hard time choosing between colors.

I think I liked the dark one better, but probably just 'cause it matched the outfit I had on.

What a funny expression on the bear, huh? Luckily there's not TOO much taxidermy there. Scary!

They have a pond IN the store! Wicked!

My favorite part, probably. All the magazine covers they've had throughout the years. Most of them are INCREDIBLE.

BLACK & WHITE SPECKLED CARDIGAN: My grandmother's (vintage, 1970s)
BRASS DANGLY NECKLACE: Handmade by my friend Althea
CHESNUT BROWN PURSE: My grandmother's (vintage, 1970s)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoe Preview, 5/4/11.

Look for these vintage shoes in my shop soon! Email me at shopgrandmajune@gmail.com to call dibs!
xo, mandy

size 7.5

size 6

size 6.5 - 7

size 6

size 8.5

size 9.5 - 10

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glamour Magazine on the Streets of Portland, Maine!

GLAMOUR magazine sent the great photographer Mark Leibowitz to the streets of my fair city today! It was incredibly exciting to find out he was in town, and I had a really fun time showing off my style! (This is for the segment of their magazine called "Love Your Style!") I was the eighth girl he shot that day (out of hundreds, I'm sure) and I won't know if one of my photos was chosen for a little while. The anticipation is going to kill me!

Driving into the city

I was really psyched about my outfit - I was wearing the perfect combination of modern and vintage, and I'm really happy with the way they blended together.

FLORAL BLOUSE: Thrifted (vintage, 1980s)
WOVEN LEATHER HEELS: Purchased on Etsy (vintage, 1970s)
OVERSIZED STRIPED BAG: My grandmother's (vintage, 1960s)
"MANDY" NECKLACE: Handmade by Coco Corral of Loving Anvil
SILVER DANGLE NECKLACE: My grandmother's (vintage, 1960s)

Here are some photos by Mark Leibowitz!