Friday, May 27, 2011

Wuttup Friends!

INTERNET FRIENDS! I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been VERY busy doing this:

This TIGER DRESS from H&M that I bought years ago is still one of my favorites for summer.

and this:

My high-waisted bikini. This silhouette will always make you look like a bombshell pin-up star, ladies! My super push-up bra bikini top really helps, too.

Seriously though, I was gone all last week doing the most exciting thing of my life regarding fashion/advertising. I am not allowed to talk about it openly just yet, but I can tell you that I was flown down to Austin, Texas to model in a national advertising campaign for a VERY famous company. I'm not positive as to where the ads will be, but I believe you might be able to find them in the New York Times and People Magazine in the upcoming weeks. (More info as soon as I'm given the go-ahead to talk about it!)

Since I've been back home, I've pretty much worn some variation of the same outfit everyday. I am finding my SPRING STAPLES and COLORS. Right now it's pale pink, cream, and blue jeans as a color scheme, and I've been wearing the same shoes, scarf, jacket, and bag daily. Here's some photos from the last couple of days:

OVER-SIZED ROSE SCARF: Thrifted (vintage, 1970s)
STRIPED TOTE BAG: My grandmother's (vintage, 1960s)
BROWN LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS: Etienne Aigner (vintage, 1970s)
STRIPED BUTTON UP BLOUSE IN PHOTOS 1 & 2: My grandmother's (vintage 1970s)
CREAM SPRING JACKET IN PHOTO 3: My grandmother's (vintage, 1970s)
LIGHT BLUE/PINK SHIRT IN PHOTOS 4 & 5: Accidentally stolen from a friend (whoops, thanks!)
SLATE GRAY VEST IN PHOTOS 4 & 5: Thrifted (vintage, 1970s)


Finally, can I just recommend to everyone that works on the internet - you should do THIS:

This was my day. And I was productive. THE BEST!

Look for another blog post WICKED SOON of some shop previews - I have some really incredible stuff that I'm excited to list including a 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL t-shirt. (I mean, right???)
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  1. toooo cool lady! :) that's so awesome! can't wait for the details of your secret trip!


  2. You are gorgeous! I love everything you are wearing and it sounds like you have amazing career prospects! Lovely blog xxx

  3. Hi! lovely post :)
    nice blog!! i follow you now!
    Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

  4. Sooo exciting! Cannot wait to here the details!