Thursday, February 23, 2012

My First Sewing Project

If you remember this post, I took a few sewing lessons from my neighbor Molly about a year ago (and learned the very basics), but I really haven't touched my sewing machine since then. This morning, my friend Allyssa and I sat down on either side of my kitchen table with our sewing machines, and went at it. She re-taught me some things I had forgotten, and I successfully completed my first alteration! I took a baggy v neck t-shirt I had (that I really only ever wore when working out), and took in the sides, shortened the sleeves, and created a new shape for the bottom. The seams are a little messy, but I am so surprised and pleased at how well it came out, considering this is the first time I've ever REALLY sewed anything. 

Here's what the shirt looked like before:

And here's what I did to it:

It's sort of hard to tell, but it's cropped, and the back of the shirt is lower than the front (sort of a mini fishtail look). I don't actually plan to wear the shirt with leggings like those, but that's just what I happened to be wearing when I had the photos taken. I think this top would look best over a tight floral bodycon dress, like this one:

I'm pretty excited about doing more alterations, and eventually making my own garments from scratch. My goal is to work on a project three times a week - I want to get better and better as fast as I can!

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