Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crazy News!

I know I have been horrible at updating the shop/website lately, but it's because there are some big and exciting things on the horizon! I am moving to New York City for the summer! It's a quick 45 minute plane ride to Maine though, so I will not be too far from home! I will be putting my shop on vacation mode for the month of July (and possibly August). I am hoping to find a spot to hold my vintage goods in the big apple, and then I'll be able to get the shop going again by the beginning of August. Thanks for all of the support, friends! If you have any super awesome friends in NYC and you want to introduce them to me, don't hesitate to give them my email!
xo, mandy


  1. congrats, Mandy! Best of luck in the big apple, how exciting!

  2. OMG! Congrats!! all of my best friends are in NYC!!! <3 let me know, maybe you can meet up and have them take you to awesome food/music spots.

    so exiting!!

  3. That is SO exciting!!! Hope you are enjoying and keeping cool in the CIty x