Sunday, February 27, 2011

Golden Globes 2011!

I never got around to posting my BEST/WORST Dressed from the Golden Globes back in January. In honor of the OSCARS tonight, I figured I'd post this. And DON'T FORGET, I'm live-tweeting through the awards show tonight. Starts at 8:30pm. Follow me/read my tweets here!

  I love awards shows. I love any excuse to dress up. I love being opinionated about fashion. Here's my BEST and WORST dressed list for the GOLDEN GLOBES, 2011.


 1. Olivia Wilde. This classic silhouette looks so beautiful with tulle. I love the colors of this dress, I love the clutter of the gold jewels on the bodice, and how they disperse down the gown. You can't see it in this photo, but her shoes were awesome, too. Good job, Olivia Wilde... except I don't even know who you are. 

 2. Leighton Meester. This dress is a close second for me. It's SO close to being #1, but it's a little less formal than Olivia's, so it comes in at a close #2. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat, no question. I LOVE the color, the puffed shoulders, and the gathered arms. The band of fabric across the waist is so flattering and shows off her petite frame, and the slit up the side is a perfect length. The vague print and slightly different colors of beige really bring me a lot of joy, too. On top of all of my love for her, I'll also say that I love the way she styled this. Her hair matches my feelings for the dress perfectly. YEAH! Red Carpet Equestrian Prep.

3. Catherine Zeta Jones. I'm a sucker for drama done well, and that's what I'd call this outfit worn by Catherine Z-J. This piece has such a pretty cut, I love the bust line, and the draped fabric that starts at her waist and cascades down her gown is quite beautiful. I've seen a lot of dresses that try to create this draping and make it look elegant, but few have succeeded. The color is phenomenal, too.

4. Angelina Jolie. The fabric of this dress is so flattering, and I love how it lays. It almost looks heavy, but not in a drag-you-down sort of way. I love the neckline, the slouchy top, cinched waist, and flowy skirt. The long sleeves are really great, too. This grass green color is not common on the red carpet, and Angelina pulls it off well. My only criticism is regarding her hair- I'd like it much better pulled back into a tight ponytail. Regardless, what a great dress, and what a beautiful woman!

5. Christina Hendricks. As a fellow redhead, I know the restrictions with colors because of my hair. I know that because of my skin tone and freckles, yellow doesn't really look good on me. I know that because my hair is bright red, I can't really wear orange. And up until I saw Christina in this dress on the night of the Golden Globes, I would have told you redheads can not wear lipstick red. Christina Hendricks proved me wrong. This dress is stunning, and she (her red hair and all!) looks absolutely fantastic in it. This dress accentuates her curves (so hot!) in the best way possible, and the silhouette is SO FOXY. She reminds me of that babe in Roger Rabbit. I love her hair style, I love the huge flower on her chest, and I love the bottom of the dress where another fabric appears. Her clutch is cute and her make up is great. Yeah, girl.

And now.


1. Christina Aguilera. You know what, I'm not even going to write about this. I don't even know where to begin. I can't even waste my time on this. Congratulations, Christina Aguilera, you're wearing one of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen. You are crazy.

2. Michelle Williams. This is so wrong is so, so, so many ways. I'm not sure if she wanted to go for the "boho" look or what, but she failed miserably. First of all, this is the GOLDEN GLOBES, it's a formal event, Michelle. This dress was meant for the beach in some cheesy touristy city in Florida. Get a clue. Second, if you're interested in wearing a dress that's a blatant throwback to a different decade, there are many out there that can still define a decade while at the same time being modern and fresh. Lastly, those little flowers that cover the straps make me nauseous. Michelle, your hair is so cute, I wish your outfit could have been, too. Sorry.

3. Halle Berry. OH MAN. I think the worst part of all of this B.S. is that I read a bunch of fashion reviews from the Golden Globes, and everyone LOVED this dress. Really?? Really?!! I really can't even find ONE thing that I like about this whole ensemble. The shoes are boring, the bodice is a plain undergarment, and the weird sheer fabric randomly flowing out from her waist is a serious mess. The two bracelet-cuffs on each wrist is, well, just really terrible as well. Bondage in a shitty half-assed way, and at the GOLDEN GLOBES! Gimme a break!

4. Julianne Moore. I'm pretty sure that anyone who looked at this dress, whether you know anything about fashion or not, would immediately know that this is BAD. So how come Julianne Moore (who I imagine is a pretty smart woman? I love her as an actress!) couldn't see this? I expected her to look so chic, and my god, she went in the complete opposite direction- tacky! This intense pink does not work for me at all (especially with her red hair!), the fabric looks cheap, and the weird one-side-puffed-shoulder-sleeve is nothing but awkward and distracting. Her hairstyle is also really alarming to me, kind of old-lady looking? This is seriously just a mess all around. Lame.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt. This dress actually reminds me of Jennifer Lopez's dress from the 2010 Oscars which topped my WORST DRESSED list last year. The fabric of this piece is a little better than J. Lo's, but it's still completely terrible. I love drama, and I love dramatic necklines/bodices, but this is too much bad. This dress is unflattering, and confusing. It looks like a designer who knows NOTHING about a woman's body made this. Sorry. The jeweled waist is okay, I guess, but the extra fabric flowing out from her hip is bulky, and uncomfortable. Her clutch is whatever, and her hair is too much coupled with that crap coming out of her chest. I didn't expect much from her, but this is baaaad.

Disagree? Let's talk about it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Black Parrot

I’ve been doing some modeling for Black Parrot (one of my most favorite clothing stores in Maine) for their upcoming online store! Here’s a preview. Check out their website here: